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访问ing campus is the best opportunity to explore ODU to see if its a good fit for you and your educational goals.

New to Blue: New Student Experience

Welcome to the Monarch community! Your New to Blue: New Student Experience includes three unique phases throughout the summer that will outline your required orientation activities, provide you with an online orientation course, and prepare you to visit campus this summer.

住房 & 居住生活

Get the most out of your college experience by living with us. There is a place for you in our on-campus residence halls or University Apartments.

Monarch 餐厅 服务s

提供友好的, comfortable and fun campus restaurants that serve up a variety of enticing cuisine every day.

成本 & 金融援助

Old Dominion University understands the financial concerns you and your family may face when trying to finance higher education. With the help of the ODU Office of Finance and the ODU Office of Student 金融援助, you can explore ways to help fund your college education, regardless of your economic circumstances.

学生资源 & 订婚

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You've been admitted, now join our community! Old Dominion University has partnered with ZeeMee, a free app for the ultimate college journey, where you can chat with other students getting ready to attend college! We're live, so check it out! (现在加入)


学生参与 & 传统 (集) is designed to shepherd students through their Monarch experience from confirmation to commencement. (了解更多)


健康 & 安全

Your health and safety at Old Dominion is our highest priority. Find out about services that can help keep all Monarch's at the top of their game! (了解更多)


君主的家庭 Connection is the primary means of communication with family members. (了解更多)



Discover what you love! 搜索 our programs by Academic Interest, Program, or Career (了解更多)

运输 & Pakring 服务 Front Office

运输 & 停车

Our mission is to provide high quality, dynamic transportation and parking services to the Monarch community. (了解更多)

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Experience Guaranteed

Enhance your college career by participating in any of our exceptional experiential learning opportunities that'll help secure you a job after graduation. (了解更多)

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君主的家庭 Portal

Our family portal gives you the opportunity to learn more about ODU through articles, stay up to date with relevant information, and join the growing community of fellow monarchs. (注册)

Hear the why, see the where and explore Monarch Nation!